Will You Return Your iPhone 4 If Apple Doesn’t Fix Issue?

Even if you aren’t an iPhone fan you’ll know about the iPhone 4 antenna problem, something which Apple has tired to say can be fixed with a software update, but AppleCare has confirmed the iPhone software update won’t actually fix said antenna problem as we reported (here)

So as Apple have been basically sidestepping the issue with their latest piece of Apple tech by giving iPhone 4 purchasers the option to get round the issue by either holding the damn device in an abnormal way, or by sticking your hand back in your pocket and shelling out another $30 to Apple for an iPhone 4 case.

There is another option if you wish to take the case route and that’s get a free one, something on which we reported (here), but why should people be force to purchase a case for the device when it is obviously an Apple design problem and Apple should sort it one way or another.

However, Apple has also said that anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with their iPhone 4 can return the device for a refund. So if Apple fails to come up with a solution that doesn’t cost the customer more, and the reception issue continues, will you return your iPhone 4 and get a handset that doesn’t have the problem, or are you simply a devoted iPhone fan that no matter what under-par tech Apple pushes out you’ll be content? Feel free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.


13 thoughts on “Will You Return Your iPhone 4 If Apple Doesn’t Fix Issue?”

  1. Jesse Wales says:

    I think it is safe to say that we are all disappointed in our dear Apple for the deficiencies found in the iPhone 4. Whether the issue lies in software or hardware deficiencies, Apple has yet to address the problem in a realistic manner. Devoted Apple consumers: it is our responsibility to hold our beloved Apple accountable for these issues, and for their failure (and near refusal) to address them in the proper manner. I have decided not to partake in the encouragement of this blatant disservice to loyal consumers worldwide. Apple is responsible for releasing a faulty product and should be held accountable by all who have been effected. Return the iPhone 4. Send Apple a message they deserve.

  2. Fix it apple! says:

    I've had ever version of the iPhone and love the phone however apple has shown very clearly in the last couple weeks they don't intend to fix the actual problem at hand. If apple doesn't fix the iPhone 4 I will be purchasing the droid x

  3. Rick Fry says:

    I have a business account with Vodafone, this gives me a 7 day return policy for full refund. I checked with Vodafone to see if I could get 30 days as stated by Steve Jobs and the answer was no.

  4. PapaOso says:

    Have a bumper and I have had no problem with reception. In fact, I have better reception with AT&T [San Diego, CA] than I ever have had since the first iPhone. Past history indicates that AT&T will screw that up some way but for now, all is well!

  5. fabio says:

    I returned my iphone 4 to the apple store. The rep told me I was the first one to turned the holy device. Im using my iphone 3g now which is slower since I downloaded IOS4 in it. I went back to the apple store to see if they can downgraded to 3.1 and was told that this move will damage the firmware. Apple rep advice me to stick with my iphone 3G cause there is nothing they can do at this moment. He agreed with me and his phone is slow as well. Pretty happy with apple until now, I bought a macmini years a go to test it, I fell in love with it. now i upgraded to macbook pro 17 inches. No more PCs for me they are slow and ugly. Apple needs to fix this problem. Im an apple fun but that does not mean im not looking somewhere else. Im thinking just buying a used 3gs for now. I have the HTC EVO it is sleek (no as much as the iphone) but android can be complicated for the general user ( i got it cause work). Anyways apple fix the iphone 4 and will sing you the swifter commercial song.. ;0)

    1. Roy says:

      Wow i like how they lied to you. Downgrading the phone will not damage the firmware. They just dont want to do it. You cant not damage your phone or the firmware by downgrading to and older version. I use to do it all the time and nothing happened. I just dont know how to downgrade 4.0 yet/

  6. Jdubb says:

    I’m glad I didn’t buy the iPhone 4, I had one resered and I didn’t go get it when they first came out! I had a feeling somthing would be wrong with this first batch. Steve jobs is a greedy asshole!!

  7. Apple rep lied to me today, said the software update is out already. I’ve made an appointment at the Genius Bar to return the iPhone 4, unless they GIVE ME an Apple Bumper AND it fixes the Death Grip issues.

    Then I go back to my iPhone 3Gs and wait for an ATT Droid X.

  8. JLM says:

    I received my much anticipated iPhone 4 this last week via FedEx. It's still in the box. I began looking for cases and this has to be one of the worst vendor orchestrated product releases ever. I've checked more than nine companies – from iSkin to Seidio to SGP and everyone in between – and of the cases I'd be interested in purchasing, their out of inventory or not yet through production. Nothing like investing in a pricey phone and not having a protective case for it. Then, my iPhone 3G AT&T reception got even worse. Though their maps show coverage, I have dropped calls, calls unable to be completed, etc. and I'm less than 25 miles from DC and Baltimore. I have downloaded the AT&T Mark the Spot app and am using it way too frequently. So, with the reception problems reported by many and now confirmed by Consumer Reports, coupled with the lousy reception by AT&T, I'll be returning my iPhone 4 and hanging on to my 3G until Apple makes improvements on the 4 or goes to another carrier. It's actually very disappointing that both companies – Apple and AT&T have let it come to this. And I'm a proud Mac user. As for AT&T, how can you trust any company whose logo is the death star? Also, if they do a recall, what would we do for a phone?

  9. james says:

    i am a fan too and had my iphone 4 through pre-order but returned it after using for a week. My issue was not the said antenna problem but internet connection issue, which often froze and not moving for seconds. In addition, the screen would not change from portrait to landscape or vice versa. Mine must have been a defect. Besides, I did not like the roughness of stainless in the middle and its heaviness. I used rubber skin but looked ugly and could not stand. That is why i decided to return it after one week.
    I experienced drop calls all the time with 3G and have found no difference with iphone 4. Luckily, I have been using another phone with Verizon whenever I experience with drop calls.

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