Verizon HTC Droid Eris Update: Software Release Date

Since all Verizon HTC Droid Eris owners downloaded the Android 2.1 update many of you have experienced major problems, so much so that 280 plus of our readers have posted comments about the issues encountered.

Well now hopefully all is not lost because Verizon has let out the bag according to UnwiredView that the HTC Droid Eris phone will receive an update that contains small fixes and enhancements.

Apparently the new software update will features improved audio, improved text, video and picture messaging functionality, contact sync with Backup Assistant, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Facebook, enhanced speed dial, Bluetooth pairing now works with Jabra headsets too, enhanced and stabilized weather app and widget and better GMail contact sync.

The new update is expected to go live July 16 at 11:59 pm, if you have come across the problems above then the new update should be what you want, we will let you know when this is official.

Not too sure on when the Android 2.2 Froyo update is coming, but yet again we will keep you posted. Feel free to leave your comments below about your problems with the HTC Droid Eris.


8 thoughts on “Verizon HTC Droid Eris Update: Software Release Date”

  1. summer says:

    I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business?

  2. scampbell100 says:

    I've have a number of contacts with VZW over these psot-2.1 issues with the Eris. Just last week they said they were curtailing even sending out "like-new" replacements. However they refuse to upgrade me to an Incredible (even if I am willing to pay the upgrade price). Yet just yesterday after another email to VZW they again offered a replacement. They don’t get the fact that this had been shown NOT to solve this issue. I agree with "Summer" that VZW needs to compensate customers fro breach-of-contract. They have the right to charge us if we terminate early but what recourse do we have if they do not provide the service we pay for. BTW: my phone is essentially useless as a phone these days die to the “silent call" bug.

  3. Todd says:

    The "enhancements" listed are pretty weak in my opinion. Honestly, none of them are of benefit for me, personally.

    I spent weeks trying to iron out all the glitches that came along with the terribly implemented 2.1 update. Many of the glitches I was able to remedy (after some serious research and a factory reset), but I never could get my phone working as *fast* as it did prior to the update. It's been an irritatingly sluggish device since the update. The lag when typing in the landscape keyboard (with predictive text turned on) is so bad, I can't even use it like that anymore. Granted, maybe things like that aren't as irritating for slower typers, but I miss simple things like that, that were once taken for granted. For all of the new bells and whistles I got with 2.1, I did loose some basic functionality (more than just a sluggish phone) and that still burns me. The 2.1 update wasn't all bad – I do enjoy the new features, most of all, the often used turn-by-turn navigation. It, too, is laggy (most noticeable when there are a series of quick turns back to back), but it generally does the trick and *is* very useful.

    I'll be waiting to see what others are reporting before installing this most recent update. Again, in terms of how I use the phone personally, it offers zero benefit to me. I have no reason to install the update and might not…. unless I hear reports of people saying it somehow corrects some annoying things like the frequently auto-launching Amazon MP3 store and the Stocks app (that I NEVER use), among other unwanted automatically launched apps. That, and a speed boost, and make my browser stable again (like it was prior to 2.1 update) – those would be much wanted fixes. Unfortunately, none of those are listed in the "enhancements".

    I'm not expecting much, but hoping for the best. 🙂

  4. zac says:

    My Droid Eris is the worst phone I have owned (since the update). When i have my phone charging the screen will jump around if I move my phone from side to side. It is extremely slow and will force close 85% if the time for no reason at all. I can't send picture messaging at all, I hade a voyager before this Eris and I wish everyday I still had that phone.

  5. nidhi says:

    bluetooth is a disaster on this phone…till date i was never been able to connect any kind of bluetooth
    when I press home button, the home screen will reset and will start all over again.
    overall, this phone is not so much impressive


    my droid eris is super duper fast, easily better than the iphone