Windows Phone 7 Ring Tones and Alerts Video

The beta release of Windows Phone 7 is fairly close to the final and even includes alerts and ring tones which have now been previewed on video and of course we have that video for you viewing/listening pleasure just so you can at least hear when Windows Phone 7 sounds like.

The Windows Phone 7SDK beta emulator ringtones video comes our way courtesy of Surur over on Wmpoweruser by way of Istartedsomething, and the video takes us though what ring tones and alerts can be found in Windows Phone 7.

The Windows Phone 7 ring tone and alerts video lasts just over a minute, but there is also a second Windows Phone 7 video for your viewing pleasure which is a full eight and a half minute walkthrough of the Windows Phone 7 SDK beta emulator.

So without further ado check out those ring tones and alerts then hit up the full walkthrough of Windows Phone 7 emulator and just enjoy.

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