Dell Streak Release Date Delay, But Gets Price Tag

We got good and bad news about the new Dell Streak smartphone tablet, the good news is that a price tag has been put on it but the bad news is the release date has been delayed.

It was first suspected to release at the end of July but this is not going to happen now, however it will go on sale for $300 with a two year lock in contract with AT&T and without contract it will be $550.

Apparently Dell will be releasing OTA platform updates will include Android 2.2 Froyo and Adobe Flash 10.1, plus other bits like video chat applications and more. The Dell Streak will not go on sale in July now even though Dell’s site stated end of July.

“I can say definitely that Dell Streak won’t go on sale in July,” said spokesman Matt Parretta in a telephone interview.

What are your views on the Dell Streak release date delay and of course let us know if the price tags are spot on. You can read more about the Dell Streak UK version here

Source – ComputerWorld


4 thoughts on “Dell Streak Release Date Delay, But Gets Price Tag”

    1. Why would they add 2.2 when they can just release it with 1.6, and have 2.2 available for upgrade? It's a lot of extra work for Dell. How many units do you think they'd have to upgrade? 5,000? 10,000? 100,000? It is WAY more cost effective to let the end user update it themselves. And it's not a major burden to buyers.

  1. simon says:

    Dell has not helped their cause in the US market by not giving a clear release date and details. THis vague marketing strategy has sunk many a prosperous IT firm.

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