Vodafone UK BlackBerry Torch on Site, O2 Coming Soon

Vodafone UK has announced the BlackBerry Torch 9800 slider phone will go on sale soon, there are no release dates or prices as of yet but you can see it advertised on its site.

The US will get the Torch handset first on August 12 and it will be through AT&T and with others like Bell, Telus and Rogers following soon after, hopefully Vodafone will be launching the same day or the day after.

Just want to say thank to Gadget Venue for the heads up, if you are interested in the newly announced BlackBerry Torch please register your interest at Vodafone UK.

Tech Digest have done a little digging and found that O2 UK will be getting the BlackBerry Torch as well, apparently test units had O2 SIM cards running. There are some reports coming in that staff at O2 stores that the new Torch 9800 will be coming very soon rather than late.

Will you be buying via Vodafone or O2 UK? Love to know what you think of the new handset from RIM.


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