World’s Biggest Apple Store Covent Garden Shown on Video

Yes well we all know Apple is a huge American company, but it seems that when it comes to constructing the world’s biggest Apple store, Apple has decided to do it over here on UK soil in Covent Garden.

Yes folks for once we get something bigger than our American friends, and we have a video tour of the Covent Garden Apple store for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of James Holland over at Electric Pig.

Furthermore according to James, if you are in the market for an iPhone 4 then apparently the Covent Garden Apple store is the place to go as apparently this store has more stock than any other retail store in the world.

Oh and apparently if you happen to be one of the first 4,000 people entering the new Apple store at The Piazza, Covent Garden, London, this Saturday you’ll receive a custom designed Apple T-shirt. So all that remains is for you to hit that play button and check out the World’s biggest Apple store…enjoy.


One thought on “World’s Biggest Apple Store Covent Garden Shown on Video”

  1. spike says:

    just like to add that Covent Garden isn't the first time the UK got the title of 'world's largest apple store', that honor also went to the Regent St tore when it opened about 6 years ago.

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