BlackBerry Torch Waits on AT&T Shelves

The official launch for the new BlackBerry Torch on the AT&T network is the 12th of August, so not too long to wait for any potential buyer; and naturally Big Blue retail stores will have the device in stock before that launch date.

Now it appears that the BlackBerry Torch is indeed already at AT&T waiting on shelves for that release date according to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, they know this as an anonymous tipster sent them an image of the BlackBerry Torch sitting in one of AT&T’s stockrooms.

Of course one can only presume that the actual image is inside an AT&T stockroom, but it is the obvious place one would photograph the device, so it’s probably real, and maybe if you are crafty enough you could talk your local AT&T store rep into letting you have one a bit early if they have one.

So are you patiently waiting for August the 12th to come around so you can pick up a BlackBerry Torch smartphone, feel free to drop us a comment letting us know if you intend on purchasing the new RIM device.

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