iPhone battery life how to improve it

We all know just how popular the iPhone device is but the problem which seems to affect most of us is the battery life of the device compared to it’s rival handsets.

Thanks to Debbie over at shuttervoice we can share with you a simple guide to improving the battery life of your iPhone device. We all predicted that when the iOS4 was released we all had a rough idea around the increased amount of multitasking applications and activities, and as expected the increase in background applications does drain your battery life.

Here are some solutions which will improve the battery life of your iPhone device. Turn off your push notifications including “today” “highlights” and third party lock screen updaters. If you leave your iPhone email application in manual mode.

Another few solutions are to turn off whichever radios you are not using. The location based GPS services stick to your device like glue so exit those open radio stations and the applications that you don’t want or use often. Get rid of background tasks as these apps will eat into your battery life and finally watch out for the force feedback, games which use the vibrate feature in order to simulate force feedback also drain the life of your iPhone battery.


2 thoughts on “iPhone battery life how to improve it”

  1. ghawk says:

    I am not an engineer, BUT I don't know why the iOS4 in a 3GS would not improve battery life!
    They missed that, and I am very disappointed. I very much like my first smartphone, the 3GS. However, I will not give in to the iPhone 4 hype, and now I am glad I did not get a 4. I will think twice till getting a possible 5; BUT for sure will wait till I am comfortable seeing a decent functional non-slippery case!

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