(BBM) BlackBerry Messenger Review and Problem Discussions

Yesterday we reported that there was a new Blackberry Messenger Version available to download and we thought we would talk a little more about it, we would also like you to send in your personal reviews and problems if any.

The new BBM is a cool way of sharing your pin or unique barcode to connect with friends anywhere, anytime according to the official RIM website, there are plenty of benefits to Blackberry Messenger and we would love for you to share with us why you like it.

You can get the new BlackBerry Messenger by downloading direct from your PC or Laptop, all you need to do is choose from one of the following languages, which are: American English, English UK, French, Italian, German, Spanish, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Turkish, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Thai. Choose your download here.

Now after visiting the BlackBerry Support Forum we came across something really interesting, the title was ‘BBM – Group timestamp problem’, a new member called MasterTorr said that after installing this new update after a few minutes of a conversation in a group, the time in the chat appears to jump ahead an hour & a half for no reason, but the time on my device is still the correct time.

Please let us know if you having the same problem or any other problem come to think of it, how are you getting on with the new update?


5 thoughts on “(BBM) BlackBerry Messenger Review and Problem Discussions”

    1. Alamiro says:

      the same happens to me.. i have 6 blackberry groups (all oof them in home screen) , and doesnt matter which group has recent activities it allways shows the same icon, old version of bbm used to show me the correct icon for the group which had the activity

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