Smartphones are Smart, but what about consumers?

Today’s mobile technology continues to go forward in leaps and bounds. With the arrival of the smartphone, no longer is the mobile phone just a device for making calls to friends, but is a device for social networking, keeping tabs on your business while your out of the office, organising your personal and business life, playing games, watching the latest movie and so on.

Mobile communication has come a long way since those first brick phones of way back when, when you had to carry a battery pack twice as large as the already large phone you were carrying. Mobile phones become smaller and more portable and an easy way of keeping in contact while on the move.

Then along came the smartphone taking the advancement of mobile technology much further and with today’s top smartphones such as the Samsung Epic 4G, Apple iPhone 4, BlackBerry Torch 9800 and others offering very advanced technology like face-to-face video calling, applications for just about everything imaginable, email, text messaging, becoming mini portable computers, and much more.

All these advances are for the better, but what about the consumer? No doubt there are still many that find smartphones are simply just too smart for them. Today’s smartphones seem to be for the techno minded youth, and if you are over a certain age a smartphone can be a daunting machine that is hard to get to grips with, and you don’t have to be all that old to be puzzled by all that a smartphone can offer.

Myself, I’m 52, and have managed to take in just about everything a smartphone has to offer, although there are always new things coming out, but some struggle. For example the wife being roughly the same age as myself has for years been using an old Vodafone mobile phone which she uses for calls and texts and is happy with just being able to do that with the device.

However, now she has become the owner of a Nokia X6 smartphone, and it totally flummoxed at how to use the device, even its touch screen. This means I will have to take some time to teach her all the ins and outs of the new tech, a task that is going to be quite daunting to say the least, perhaps I should use a stress relief app, and no the image used in this post isn’t the wife, lol.

It’s not to say that older people can’t take onboard the latest technology, but without a doubt they find it much harder than the younger generation who have been brought up with smartphones.

Anyway, what do you feel about today’s smartphone technology, can it be a daunting mountain to climb for the older generation? Do you feel that no matter what advanced tech smartphone makers come up with you’ll be able to grasp it with too muchout effort? Or do you feel smartphones are becoming too smart for the consumer? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below…cheers.

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One thought on “Smartphones are Smart, but what about consumers?”

  1. Pasq says:

    I’m 50 and I see no problem using today or tomorrow’s tech. I think this entire thing is bogus. Its true, people like to stay in their comfort zone. In my mind’s eye, that is the real issue.

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