iPhone Gaming Mocked by New Sony PSP Ad: Video

Apple isn’t against taking a few shots at Sony and their PSP but this time around it looks like Sony is getting a little of their own back with a new Sony PSP advert which makes the statement our games are better, and of course we have that advert for your viewing pleasure below.

The video comes our way courtesy of Stephen Totilo over at Gizmodo and by way of Twitter and lasts the usual 30 seconds and in the video the boy says the iPhone isn’t built for big boy games but texting your grandma…ouch.

The advert then goes on to show the type of games you can play on the Sony PSP for only $9.99. Is Sony feeling the pressure of the iPhone entering the gaming world?

Anyway I’ll leave you to hit up that Sony PSP advert below to make up your own minds, do you agree that games are better on a PSP than an iPhone?…enjoy.

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