Justin Bieber Twitter Causes Mobile Phone Privacy App Sales Upsurge

A little while ago I posted that R&B singer Justin Bieber posted a guys mobile phone number on Twitter resulting in the guys smartphone being hit by thousands of text messages, you can refesh your memory on that by hitting up (here)

Well according to an article on prweb, Bieber’s little Twitter revenge has had a decidedly positive effect on mobile phone privacy app maker FlexiSHIELD as thousands’ of teenager’s parents suddenly realised their kid may be at risk from such mobile menace.

FlexiSHIELD enables both parents and teens to set up pre-approved screens and filters which prevent unwanted or unknown communications to a mobile phone.

According to FlexiSHIELD’s marketing manager, Marc Harris, “We sold more applications today than we have since the beginning of the year. It’s kind of ironic that a prank played by a 16 year old celebrity has done more to promote awareness with parents than all the efforts put in by advocacy groups & businesses like our own.”


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