Windows Phone 7 Will outperform Android says LG

For some time now LG has tried to become a heavyweight player in the smartphone arena, and back in 09 LG stated they would push out twenty Windows Mobile devices in 2009 but failed to do so. Then along came a new platform in the form of Android and LG for some reason didn’t bother to jump aboard that in a big way either.

Apparently LG reckon on shipping 6,000,000 smartphones by the end of the year with 70 percent of those being on the Android platform and 30 percent will be Windows Phone 7 devices.

Now according to an article over on Unwired View by Florin and by way of WMExperts, LG has apparently told Korean sources that Windows Phone 7 will outperform the 2 rival operating systems, one being Android while the other isn’t clear.

Furthermore apparently LG has stated they will be first to launch a Windows Phone 7 device, with the first Europe bound WP7 device sporting a 3.8 inch display that should hit in October along with a version for the US presumably the LG Panther.

So what do you think is LG right and Windows Phone 7 will outperform Android or is this just a case of the little fish taking a whale sized bite in the ocean of smartphones?


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Will outperform Android says LG”

  1. spacey says:

    LG and WM7 are well matched. Both are always bug ridden and the beauty is only ever skin deep. LG back WM7 at your peril. You won’t even big frog spawn in a puddle.

  2. Kylie says:

    Maybe LG's comments got distorted in the translation.

    Then again, LG once said that Windows Mobile would be the next big thing (about 2 years ago), not long before Windows Mobile phone sales nosedived.

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