Safari Download Manager Now iOS 4 Compatible: Review

The Safari Download Manager has now been updated to be iOS 4 compatible and is now ready for you to download; many are saying it is a little bit expensive.

This is the new extension that now adds a very powerful download manager to the iPhone’s web browser and will work on iOS 4, in a nutshell will bring support for the iPad and the Apple iPhone 4.

You can download the new updated Safari Download Manager from Cydia; the price tag is $5.

Please let us know once you have downloaded the update and please do send in your personal review and of course any problems you face (Obviously if there is any problems).

Source — iPhone Download Blog


One thought on “Safari Download Manager Now iOS 4 Compatible: Review”

  1. John N says:

    My iPhone has been updated to IOS 4. Would this not have given it the new Safari download manager anyway so I've already got it? What will the new download manager do for my iPad, which of course is still awaiting IOS 4? If IOS 4 for iPad will include the new Safari manager then all I've got to do is wait, and I'll get it free.

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