Windows Phone 7 Final Development Kit 16th September Release

Windows Phone 7 developers now know when they will gain the final release of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 development kit as apparently Microsoft has announced they will release the final version on the 16th of September.

According to an article over on Electronista, and according to Windows Stream Blog, the current WP7 developer tools have exceeded 300,000 downloads and in order to compete with the likes of the iPhone, Microsoft has focused the platform on app and gaming capabilities.

Microsoft recently published the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training Sessions and also the WP7 Xbox Live gaming line up, which include such games as Guitar Hero, Star Wars: Cantina and Halo: Waypoint.

Microsoft is releasing the final development tools for Windows Phone 7 on the 16th of September to allow enough time for developers to recompile their WP7 applications in time for the early October debut of Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

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