First Android to gain DivX Certifications is Samsung Galaxy S

In anything it’s always nice to be a first, that special something that can lay claim to being the first to gain a particular position, and now such an honour befalls the latest Android devices from the Samsung camp, the Samsung Galaxy S range.

According to an article over on Android and Me by Nick Gray, Sammy’s latest smartphones are the first Android devices to gain DivX certification for HD video playback, which means all devices in the Samsung Galaxy S range.

The only other Samsung device to be awarded DviX certification is the Samsung Wave, however as you are probably aware, the Samsung Wave packs the Bada operating system and not Android.

Basically anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S device now has DviX blessing to load their 720p video and with the handsets microUSB and DLNA connections you should be able to sync with other certified DviX devices including you large screen TV.

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