T-Mobile G2 Features Google Shortcut Quick Keys

The latest device from the HTC camp is the T-Mobile G2 smartphone which sports a sliding QWERTY keyboard much like the original and first Android smartphone the T-Mobile G1, but the G2 has some extra keyboard features.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, and by way of His and Hers Android, the new T-Mobile G2 QWERTY keyboard has the addition of Quick Keys which are apparently for Google shortcuts, and these Quick Keys can be customised by the user.

Evidence of the Quick Keys can be seen in the image, and their existence has apparently been confirmed by a leaked G2 build seen by Tubaking, a reader over on Android Guys.

Word has it these Quick Keys work thus, “you to assign shortcuts to three keys,” and furthermore they are not only “quick and easy” but will save time via reducing “applications that may take multiple steps to access.” So there you have it the T-Mobile G2 sports Google shortcut quick keys.

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