Garmin Rethinking Smartphone Business

The Garmin-Asus tie up has what one could call a rocky climb in the smartphone arena since they first teamed, and it’s not that surprising their smartphones have somewhat under performed within the mobile space mainly due to the inordinately long delay in getting the first Garim-Asus nuvifone out into the public arena, which was laughable to say the least.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, and by way of a Reuters article, during an interview, Kevin Rauckman, the CFO of Garmin stated that they have to decide that “within the next couple of quarters whether [they] continue to invest or whether [they] pull back.”

So basically that means Garmin is rethinking their entry into the smartphone world and is considering cutting their losses and running for the high ground of the PND market which is their main area of expertise.

It wasn’t just the laughable delay with Garmin-Asus’ first handset though, there was pinning their hopes on Windows Mobile which was rapidly drawing to it end, and of course the failure to secure strong carrier deals which would have propped up their bottom line. So we may soon see a parting of the ways between Garmin and Asus, but them will anyone really be worried?

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