iPhone and BlackBerry Buried By Windows Phone 7? Videos

Apparently Microsoft celebrated Windows Phone 7 reaching RTM status by mounting a funeral procession for iPhone and BlackBerry, as apparently Microsoft believes Windows Phone 7 will consign the iPhone and BlackBerry to the smartphone graveyard.

Apparently the funeral of iPhone and BlackBerry was followed by the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance including zombie costumes. Said Thriller dance was captured on video and we have those videos for your viewing pleasure below.

The videos come our way courtesy of Vlad Savov of Engadget and by way of Trioculus (Flickr) and Neowin, with both videos totalling roughly two and a half minutes in length.

The funeral procession for iPhone and BlackBerry included hearses and black capes and was organised last week to mark the death of iPhone and BlackBerry although I think Microsoft’s early burial of both is somewhat premature, and perhaps that Thriller dance denote that iPhone and BlackBerry will resurrect to kick WP7 in the ass.


3 thoughts on “iPhone and BlackBerry Buried By Windows Phone 7? Videos”

  1. The reality is that Blackberry is still the best messaging device and iPhone is still the best all round device. Blackberrys position as best messaging device hasnt changed with release of iPhone 4, neither is it likely to with release of Windows Phone 7. However, I have not used a Windows Phone 7 yet, so I could be wrong. Then again so could Microsoft…they have more to lose than I do though!

  2. Think says:

    So let me get this right. They are over 40 phones running on the Android platform and they have not been able to "Kill the iphone", so npw the makers of "Vista" and "Zune" has produced a product that will kill the iphone? What drugs are you on to even suggest this ridiculos idea?
    The only way the any phone running windows 7 can over take the iphone is if they give them away for free without a contract for 2 years. Short of that, it's all a fantasy. What do you think will happen once AT&T is no longer the exclusive provider of the iphone? Please, come with an article that makes sense.

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