How to make a $100 Bill Origami iPhone Stand: Video

Now no doubt at some point you could do with an iPhone stand, but there are ways of getting an iPhone stand without too much outlay, and we have one such ways on video for your viewing pleasure today, which uses a $100 bill.

The $100 bill iPhone stand video comes our way courtesy of James Falconer over at Intomobile and by way of BitRebels, lasts almost four and a half minutes and uses the art of paper folding known as Origami to create a stand for the iPhone.

If you have a $100 bill hanging around why don’t you give it a try, you’ll probably need to stop and start the video a few times just so you get the folding right, and one presumes that this could be done will some other type of folding money or even a fairly robust paper.

Anyway, head on down and check and mash that play button to out how to make an iPhone stand from a $100 bill, and if you do try it out let us know how you get along…enjoy.

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