Nokia N8, Has It Been Delayed? Yes or No

Apparently word is hitting the net waves today that Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone, the Nokia N8 which is scheduled for release by the end of Q3 has been delayed by Nokia and has pushed back the release of the Nokia N8 to roughly the third week of October.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by Chris Davies, Gauray Hasabnis, an Indian analyst apparently claims that Nokia has confirmed the global delay of the Nokia N8 and that according to Nokia Asia Pacific the Nokia N8 will hit India first.

Hasabnis used Twitter to make his announcement of the supposed delay by tweeting…”Today is not a good day for me. Very bad news rec’d about our fav n8. Global launch delayed by @nokia by 3 weeks all over the world. #n8”

However, Davies has apparently spoken to Nokia UK and they state that the Nokia N8 is still on track for the original Q3 release, although apparently Hasabnis says the reason for the delay isn’t being made public. So who to believe; is the Nokia N8 delayed or not…care to make an official announcement Nokia?


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  1. David says:

    Apparently in Holland, the release date for the N8 has officially been pushed back by Nokia to the end of October.

    The Nokia 'shop' on their UK site is still showing the end of September, but they always seem to lag behind other countries in updating their information anyway, and were about the last country to offer it for pre-order in the first place!

    If the rumours of a delay are true, then that is something Nokia could well do without at the moment!

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