Nokia N8 Can Turn Your HDTV into Touch Device: Video

If you’re anything like me when using a virtual keyboard you continuously hit the wrong keys due mainly to having large fingers, , but what if you could connect your smartphone to your TV and type out a message on your TV screen?

Well amongst other touch things that may soon be a possibility judging from the video we have for your viewing pleasure today. The video which can be viewed below is of a Nokia N8 smartphone connected to a large screen TV via HDMI and turns said TV into a touch enabled screen.

The video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of My Nokia Blog, and lasts a minute and a half, and although doesn’t actually show a message being typed out does show other touch functions being done using the Nokia N8.

The prototype is called Plug and Touch and was demonstrated at Nokia World 2010. I have to say this looks to have great possibilities for future development, so check out the video below and enjoy.


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