Verizon vs. Metro PCS vs. Sprint: 4G LTE Service

Two names come to mind when talking about the new 4G LTE service and they are Verizon and Metro PCS, a little strange that giants VZ did not beat MetroPCS to the door with the new services.

MetroPCS made an official commercial launch in Las Vegas to offer 4G LTE services, this made them the first wireless carrier in the U.S to do so.

For $55 a month MetroPCS is offering a no-contract LTE plan to its customers, which ties in with the launch of the Samsung Craft handset. The Samsung Craft will be the very first mobile phone that will be LTE-capable, this phone will boast slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3G EV-DO Rev. A connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 3.3-inch touchscreen display for $299 with no contract.

This year and 2011 MetroPCS will continue to expand its LTE services and will launch in various other cities around the country, there is a new multimedia content delivery application called MetroSTUDIO that will offer premium video content from NBC Universal, Univision and Black Entertainment Television according to Computer World.

Verizon is acting a little slow at the moment and will be by the end of 2013 have all of its current 3G footprint covered by its 4G technology, they will also expand its 4G services into areas that don’t currently have 3G.

T-Mobile and AT&T will be right up there following slowly behind to launch its commercial LTE by 2011 and Sprint is the only wireless carrier to utilize WiMAX.

Verizon has 90-million plus subscribers whereas MetroPCS only has 8-million, good to see the little company in comparison be ahead in the game.


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