BlackBerry Messenger Hits Beta Zone

The BlackBerry Beta Zone is a place where RIM talks to and gains some feedback from the people participating in their beta program, and apparently if you are a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone there is an update for BlackBerry Messenger available and waiting for you.

According to an article over on Bbleaks by LouiV, BlackBerry Messenger update has now hit Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Beta Zone.

The current official version of BlackBerry Messenger sits at version, so it’s not a big jump to version, just one step basically, but at least it shows RIM is moving forward with BlackBerry Messenger.

If you would like to become a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone and try out new BlackBerry software before being released there are no pre-requisites for joining the program so all that is required is for you to fill out the registration form.

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