HTC Desire HD Navigation Software Demo Video

There’s a new Navigation program which is built into the HTC Desire HD ROM, and the thing with the new Navigation program is you don’t require a data connection to use it. Thus we have a video demo of the HTC Desire HD Navigation software for your viewing pleasure below.

The HTC Desire HD Navigation Software Demo video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocket Now, lasts almost seven and a half minutes and shows the free version of the navigation program although there is a paid version available.

The HTC Desire HD navigation program unlike Google Navigator allows the user to save all their maps right to the SD card so the user still retains the ability to navigate to points of interest and addresses when moving outside their coverage area.

The two version of the navigation software for the HTC Desire HD are the free version called Locations and the paid version called HTC Location Navigator that delivers turn by turn audio directions across the USA and costs $4.99 per month.

So that’s it all you need do now is head on down, sit back, mash the play button and check out the navigation software demo on the HTC Desire HD…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “HTC Desire HD Navigation Software Demo Video”

  1. Dries says:

    I purchased the Southern Africa Premium Navigation upgrade for HTC Locations only to find out that unlike Garmin or NDrive they have no idea what Southern Africa is. It only contains South Africa. And they do not want to refund.

    As a nav application it is quite good, but support from HTC I can only rate as -100. I think NDrive is the perfect fit currently

    Please be very sure that the region you purchase covers what is needed as they do not know their geography well.

    This comment will be posted on as many places I can find as I promised Route66 to do so because they bent acceptable definitins of Southern Africa.

  2. Jjs says:

    Locations cannot find a route for lots of places in the uk. I find it practically useless and the support from htc has been very poor
    Sites anyone

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