Droid X Froyo Update Messaging Issue, Motorola Fix Coming

As you probably know after a longish wait the Motorola Droid X finally started seeing the Android 2.2 Froyo update last week and not too long after reports were hitting the net waves that the Android 2.2 Froyo update was causing some issues on the Droid X.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the support forums over at Motorola say that the error involves the chronological ordering of SMS messages and since the Froyo update, notifications work properly however the ordering of messages is “upside down.”

Apparently incoming messages don’t bump the thread up to the top of the list but appear in the original thread which could be up to 20 messages down. Chronological ordering still occurs however sorting is based on the time stamp of sent messages.

Apparently Motorola has confirmed the existence of the error and is in the process of coming up with the bug fix which their will push out to the Droid X as a software update. However apparently the free app SMS Time Fix found I the Android Market has been reported as fixing the error.


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  1. Same thing happened with Froyo on other phones. The fix is simple. Back up all your contacts and do a factory reset. You do not lose theinfo on your card, but you do need to re sync apps like Pandora and Twirod. Thats what I did but do at own risk.

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