LG Optimus One Destined for Release on T-Mobile

Word is judging by a leaked slide that the new LG Optimus One smartphone is destined to hit T-Mobile, and furthermore the LG Optimus One just might be the first Android smartphone to pack UMA support.

Sean Hollister of Engadget reminds us in case we’ve forgotten that UMA is of course the acronym for Unlicensed Mobile Access which uses a WiFi access point to make free VoIP calls with no cell signal or minutes necessary.

Th leaked screen comes by way of Tmonews, and shows that the LG Optimus One will be sporting Android 2.2 Froyo as we previously heard along with a fairly middle-ish spec range and will apparently become available in three colours.

So with that UMA support it looks like T-Mobile will have the one and only Android based handset since those days back in 2009 of HotSpot@Home, and that the Optimus One will allow sharing of its HSDPA 7.2 Mbps connection over WiFi to your computer.


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