Telus HTC Hero Android Phone Dumped

Back in November of 2009 Canada’s Telus launched the Android toting HTC Hero smartphone, the same day Telus went live with their HSPA network, and the HTC Hero has seen a fair run on the carrier.

However according to an article over on Intomobile by James Falconer and by way of Mobile Syrup, Telus has officially confirmed the discontinuation of the HTC Hero.

Apparently if anyone would still like to get their hands on a HTC Hero they might be able to locate one in a Telus store if they are quick, but the Telus website has now removed all info on the dumped HTC Hero.

It goes to show that the smartphone space is a fast moving place and smartphone lifespan is getting shorter and shorter while smartphone plans are getting longer and longer. The HTC Hero was only available with Telus for 11 months, which seems somewhat short a life to me.

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