Apple COO Cook Eyes HP CEO Position: Update Not True

Well now as you’ve probably heard, the CEO of HP Mark Hurd threw in the towel as CEO at HP and ever since Hewlett-Packard have been on the lookout for a new top dog, and apparently one of Apple’s top execs is eyeing up the position.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores and by way of an article over on Business Insider, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs right hand guy and Apple’s CEO has been rumoured as thinking about chucking in Apple in favour of becoming the HP CEO.

Of course it could be said that Cook is getting a little impatient waiting for Jobs to throw in the Apple leadership, but there is no hard evidence that Cook is ready to leave Apple for the HP position.

Since writing this article there’s been an update to the Business Insider article which says that the rumour of Cook leaving Apple is unfounded as Tim Cook has said he is staying with Apple, so a lot of dust for nothing, and a very fast quashed rumour.

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