Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Chassis 2 Design Revealed

When Microsoft Windows Phone 7 first came about we knew there would be more than 1 chassis design for WP7, and it now appears that the Chassis 2 Windows Phone 7 design has been revealed during an interview.

According to an article over on WMPoweruser, by Surur, Paul Foster, Microsoft’s ISV developer evangelist, gave an interview with Silicon and apparently let the cat out of the bag on the Chassis 2 for Windows Phone 7.

Here’s what was revealed during said interview…”WP7 devices will have one of two screen resolutions — either 800 x 480 for large touchscreen devices with the potential for slide-out Qwerty keyboards, or 480 x 320 for ‘BlackBerry’ style handsets that can incorporate a Qwerty on the front of the device. Microsoft expects the majority of WP7 devices to have the larger screen resolution at launch, with smaller resolution handsets coming later, said Foster.”

According to Surur we should start seeing Windows Phone 7 devices sporting the above “BlackBerry style” Chassis 2 form factor some time in 2011.

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