iPhone, Droid, and Flip at Edge of Space: Video

If you are going to send a weather balloon up to the edge of the Earth then why not send along an iPhone to capture still short, a Flip camera to capture some amazing footage and a Droid Eris for GPS tracking so you can find them when they all fall back to terra firma.

Well this is where project Yavin V comes is, and yes it’s named after the rebel base in Star Wars. The Yavin IV project did the above and the guys from Arstechnica were on hand as it happened, and of course we have that video footage for your viewing pleasure below.

For the final launch a Garmin GPS unit was also added to the mix, and the launch was accomplished. After Yavin IV done its business and the weather balloon finally exploded the payload feel back to earth just east of Eau Claire, Wisconsin where the Droid Eris started emitting coordinates to Loopt and the group used an iPhone to rack down the playload.

So if you really want to see just what the edge of this world looks like then head on down and check out the one and a half minute video below…enjoy.

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