Droid R2D2, Epic 4G, T-Mobile G2, EVO Speed Test: Video

So who has the fastest smartphone on the block? Could it be the Samsung Epic 4G or HTC EVO 4G, or maybe the T-Mobile G2 or perhaps the Droid R2D2 handset? Well we are about to find out as we have a speed test video of those handsets for your viewing pleasure.

The almost seven minutes speed test video comes our way courtesy of John Walton over at Droid Dog, and pits the above handsets against each other and all devices were set to test the same server193 miles away.

The speed test was carried out in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, near the heart of the city, and is a Sprint WiMAX and T-Mobile HSPA+ market, so are you wondering just how well each smartphone does?

Which of those four hot smartphones comes out on top in this speed test? Well to find out you’re going to just have to hit that play button…enjoy.


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