CEATEC 2010: Panasonic Lumix Phone Debut and Video

CEATEC 2010 is now underway in Japan, and the guys from Engagdet were in attendance and happened across the Panasonic Lumix Phone at the NTT DoCoMo booth although as the device was sealed behind plexiglass they couldn’t actually get their hands on it.

However they did manage to grab a little video footage of the 13.2 megapixel packing Panasonic Limix Phone, and of course we have that video footage for your viewing pleasure below, which runs for just 36 seconds.

Apparently the Panasonic Lumix Phone has a “folding mechanism” mentioned in the press release but the guys couldn’t see where that came from and the Lumix Phone looks to be a slider device that comes in black, gold, blue, and pink.

One does have to say however that this handset does resemble a rather cheap looking Sony Ericsson slider, but no doubt that 13.2 megapixel camera will attract some. Anyway head on down and mash the play button to check out that footage…enjoy.


One thought on “CEATEC 2010: Panasonic Lumix Phone Debut and Video”

  1. Pepe says:

    Crappy phone. I hope more from Panasonic. No optical zoom, no OS, horrible design …. bufff … is it really?. Looks like a cheap Sony Ericsson. Altek Leo is the best smart-camera-phone I've seen ever. Panasonic still lives in 2005, at least. Rubbish!

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