Palm Making Smartphone Comeback with WebOS Mansion?

Ever since Palm was acquired by HP there has been the odd rumour that there will be a new device from Palm sporting webOS, the last rumours was based around a certification database showing the P102 which was presumed to be the next Palm smartphone.

Well according to an article over on Engadget by Donald Melanson, the guys over at Pre Central have been tipped off by a tipster that is reportedly reliable, that Palm is prepping a new smartphone carrying the codename “Mansion.”

According to the tipster this Palm Mansion will not sport a physical keyboard and be a touch screen handset only with a reasonably high 800 x 480 resolution although there’s no word on actual screen size.

Unfortunately other than those two pieces of information there’s nothing else available on this new Palm device, but the codename “Mansion” makes a little sense considering the Palm Pre was originally codenamed “castle,” more as and when we know.

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