Android Causes HTC Q3 Profits to Double

Since HTC first locked onto the Android platform, the smartphone manufacturer has pushed out rather a large range of Android based handsets, and is no doubt looking to do the same with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, however it is Android that has thus far put the coins in the HTC coffers.

According to an article over on Eurodroid and by way of a Reuters report, HTC has issued a report today on their Q3 profits, with HTC announcing large profits for the 3rd quarter of 2010, and no doubt will continue with the release of such devices as the HTC Desire HD and Z.

According to RBS analyst Steven Tseng, the rise in HTC Q3 profits is “Investors are comfortable with HTC’s status in the Android market,” and that “HTC will keep a stable position, even if it is not a leader in the sector.”

The Taiwanese handset manufacturer between July and September 2010 deposited roughly £226 million of profit into their high interest savings account, which is bad going is it, so it looks like HTC is doing rather well with Android, and will no doubt to even better once Windows Phone 7 hits.


One thought on “Android Causes HTC Q3 Profits to Double”

  1. Awesome, HTC have gone from strength to strength. I was reluctant at first to get a handset from them as i didn't have a clue who they were!
    Never had heard of them. Now you can't avoid the spread of HTC's growing empire.
    Each handset is unique bar the Android/Windows operating system and caters for every pocket.
    A company going places, I wonder if they have a HTC Tablet en route?

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