T-Mobile G2 Demand Overwhelming, Pre-orders Halted Yesterday

If you are hoping to get hold of the new Android 2.2 T-Mobile G2 and waiting to place your pre-order for the smartphone, it appears you are way out of luck if you haven’t already done so, because T-Mobile has updated their pre-order website.

According to an article over on Engadget by Donald Melanson, T-Mobile has halted pre-orders of the T-Mobile G2 with their website stating…”due to overwhelming demand, we’re no longer accepting pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2.”

Although T-Mobile does apparently say that potential customers will still be able to purchase the T-Mobile G2 online or in T-Mobile stores as of today however they can’t guarantee when the smartphone is likely to ship.

So did you get your pre-order in for the T-Mobile G2 or are you simply hoping to walk into your local T-Mobile store and pick up the device today if you are lucky?

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