CTIA 2010: Cross Platform Developer Kit Announced by AppMobi

At a pre-CTIA 2010 event, the iHollywood Forum, the vice president of AppMobi, Joe Monastiero announced their new cross platform mobile app development framework for web and mobile developers which is available for developers to begin using.

According to an article over on Blackberry Cool by K Kemper and by way of PRNewswire, the new cross platform developer’s kit enables developers to use existing web development tools to build native mobile applications.

Apparently with AppMobi’s XDK, developers can create native Android, iPhone and iPad applications using any tool which can edit web pages like Visual Studio, Eclipse and DreamWeaver.

Sam Abadir, CTO of App Mobi said, “We thought to ourselves, could we make developing native apps as easy as developing web pages? What if developers could choose their favorite tools and write mobile apps in HTML and JavaScript (the most widely used programming languages)? That’s what we’ve delivered in the appMobi XDK.”

Unfortunately though the present release of the cross platform developers kit doesn’t support BlackBerry app development; however apparently this is being considered.

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