Verizon Motorola Droid Pro Handled on Video

We have here for your viewing pleasure some hands-on video footage of the new Motorola Droid Pro smartphone which is destined for the Verizon Wireless network and was introduced by Motorola the night before CTIA when they introduced 5 Android based devices.

The Motorola Droid Pro hands-on video comes our way courtesy of Marin Perez of Intomobile and delivers almost five and a half minutes of up close with the Motorola Droid Pro handset, which they say Motorola is positioning as an enterprise focused handset.

The Android toting Motorola Droid Pro will be a world phone and feature stuff such as remote wipe, and VPN and corporate level security. Apparently the device will launch carrying Android 2.2 and full Flash Player 10.1, with a 3.1 inch display, 5 megapixel camera, 3G, GPS, WiFi, QWERTY keyboard and 8GB internal memory with microSD expansion.

So with all the tech out the way all that remains is for you to head on down and hit that play button to check out the Motorola Droid Pro which will apparently be hitting Verizon the first week in November…enjoy.

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