Google Goggles Available for iPhone 4 and 3GS

Android devices have had the pleasure of enjoying Google Goggles for quite some time now, and now it appears that Google Goggles is spreading to other operating systems, namely Apple’s iOS as Google Goggles for iPhone is now in the App Store.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, and by way of Google Mobile Blog, Google Goggles for the iPhone isn’t actually a standalone application though as Google has bundled it in the latest version of the Google Mobile app whereby a user can tap the camera button and search via Google Goggles.

If you aren’t too sure what Google Goggles does, it analyses a picture and highlights any object the app recognises and thus enabling the user to touch on the highlighted objects to find out more info on said object.

One drawback though is as Google Goggles needs an auto-focus camera to do its stuff, it only supports the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS4 and up, and is a free app on the App Store as of right now.

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