Apple Gets Sued by Motorola for Usual Reasons

The merry-go-round of the legal action route with patent infringement continues to roll along. In the past we have seen many smartphone makers suing other smartphone makers for patent infringements, the most recent being Microsoft filing against Motorola over 9 Android related patent.

Now according to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner, Motorola has filed their own lawsuit against none other than iPhone giant, Apple, again for patent infringement of apparently 18 patents used on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad, and “iTouch.”

Apparently the patents cover the likes of GPRS, 802.11, WCDMA, proximity sensing, software app management, location based services, multi-device syncing, antenna design, and also MobileMe and the App Store.

Furthermore as well as filing the lawsuit, Motorola has made a complaint to the US ITC which asks for the sales and importation of “infringing Apple products,” to be stopped. No doubt Apple will retaliate at some point by counter-suing and this will be yet another one that will drag on for years.

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