Nokia N8 with Tesco at £25 a Month At Some Point

So if you happen to be looking to pick up the new Symbian^3 Nokia N8 in the UK you might want to give your local Tesco supermarket as go before opting to go to one of the mainstream smartphone carriers.

The reason being is that according to John Wiegand-forson of My Nokia Blog, he was perusing the Metro and came across the above Nokia N8 advert which shows Tesco is offering the Nokia flagship device for £25 per month although that is based on a two year agreement.

The other thing about the Tesco advert is that they claim the Nokia N8 is “so advanced, it’s not available yet,” well yes we know it’s not available yet but not because it’s so advanced.

I guess these ad boys will try anything to drum up interest in a new smartphone. So any of our readers looking to pick up the Nokia N8 once it hits?

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