Adobe Air Android Apps: AppBrain Review and Problem

There are many of our readers sending in emails basically asking what is the point of Adobe Air and what can we do with it, well here is one answer.

AppBrain now filters Adobe Air apps; AppBrain will now make it easy to find new Android apps that use Air, so in a nutshell the new filter will now sort by apps that use Air. There are not many apps out on the market that uses Adobe Air and normally the ones you do find is a little weird.

Android Community say one example of the weird is the Jell-O bounce app that contains the Bill Cosby bobble head, what is this all about many ask.

AppBrain’s main features includes sending links and wallpapers to your mobile device, if you are an Android user it is worth giving it a go. Please do send in your personal reviews if you already have AppBrain, other readers would love to know what it is like before they get it. Thanks

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