Motorola Boosts Efforts to Grab Smartphone Market Share with TV Campaign

Motorola wants to extend their smartphone market share in the mobile space just like every other smartphone manufacturer; however apparently Motorola is going to boost their efforts to grab more market share by launching their first TV advertising campaign of 2010.

According to an article over on Marketing Magazine by Sarah Shearman, Motorola’s push will be by Ogilvy & Mather and will focus on the device Motorola has branded as “life-proof,” namely the new Motorola Defy smartphone.

Apparently the new TV advert has been made by award winning director Carl Erik-Rinsch and is to be screened as of this Friday in cinemas and on television a week later, and focuses on although while a smartphone is essential on that night out it can often lead to a damaged handset.

Furthermore, Motorola will run 5 print adverts and has online and outdoor activity following. Apparently the straplines for said Motorola Defy campaign are… “Are you ready to be dance floor proof?” and “Are you ready to be pool party proof?”

So looks like Motorola is pinning their hopes on the Motorola Defy to grab that extra market share, but what about you the public, does the Motorola Defy catch your attention?


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