Apple Playing Around With iPhone SIM Again

Apple first played around with the format of the iPhone SIM when they decided to opt for micro SIM cards rather than the standard SIM, which was a move that basically made it difficult for the iPhone faithful to move between the iPhone and any other GSM device, but it appears that Apple isn’t satisfied and is tinkering with the iPhone SIM once again.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler and by way of Gigaom, the latest word is Apple is now working with Gemalto to “integrate software-reconfigured SIM cards direct into European iPhones,” which would mean the SIM could be activated on a carrier of the users choice by using an iPhone App Store download.

The reason this is for European countries and not the US is fairly obvious, Europe has multiple carriers of the iPhone and thus easier to get it out there in Europe than the United States. However it would be reasonable to assume if all goes ahead then Apple would use the same SIM system on the next generation iPhone in North America too.

So what do our iPhone toting readers think of this new move by Apple to change the iPhone SIM once again, an integrated SIM would at least give the customer the option of carrier as long as Apple can get enough carriers to come aboard with another SIM change, but then they did manage to make them switch to the microSIM in the first place didn’t they.

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