Can Sony PlayStation Phone Deliver What Is Expected?

Obviously the smartphones of today get close to a real gaming experience as they can to other dedicated handheld gaming devices, but above all a smartphone is still a mobile phone and not a true gaming device, but with the new Sony PlayStation Phone gamers should get the same gaming performance as their PlayStation, right?

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Nicole Cozma, today’s smartphones lack the physical components that would make them good gaming handset such as a joystick, or real directional pad, and this is because they are after all firstly mobile phones and not gaming consoles.

So can the Sony PlayStation Phone actually deliver a better gaming performance than a smartphone? The Sony PlayStation Phone judging by the images we have all seen takes care of the missing physical components, and will obviously play games made for the PlayStation so should deliver on performance.

But as with smartphones there is still one problem with gaming and that is battery life, most smartphone batteries give on average about a days life before needed recharging, but if your have the Sony PlayStation phone playing games for hours on end it’s going to drain the battery unless Sony has come up with some way of retaining battery life to deliver a better performance than the average smartphone.

Obviously the interruption of a call would also need to be addressed so that if the user answered the call they don’t lose where they are in their game, and will the new games come on removable media so they can be shared with friends.

Smartphones are phones with the ability to play games, the Sony PlayStation phone is a handheld gaming console with the ability to make a call, but should the two be joined as one or forever remain apart to deliver the best performance in both areas?

Image courtesy of Engadget

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