Garth Brooks Nashville Concert: iPhone App Lyrics Studio Help

Are you going to the Garth Brooks Nashville Concert? If you are why not get the Garth Brooks Lyrics Studio iPhone app so that you can sing-along word for word.

The Garth Brooks Lyrics Studio has many cool features including his amazing music tracks, you can learn all his words from all his songs, these are official authorized song lyrics and the app gives you corresponding videos as they become available on YouTube.

Main Functions Include: add songs to a list of favorites, watch YouTube videos with the Garth Brooks Lyrics Studio, share with friends via Facebook, e-mail and SMS, search the Garth Brooks Lyrics Studio by song names or lyrics, publish up to 150 characters of a lyric as your status on Facebook or Twitter and ongoing updates of the artist’s catalog.

For more information please visit iTunes, if you already have this app installed please do send in your personal reviews.

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