RIM BlackBerry Losing to Android in Q3 Says Report

It appears that the onslaught of the Android platform in the mobile space continues to grab market share as apparently according to the latest report from comScore, RIM lost market share in Q3 to Android.

According to an article over on PC Mag by Sara Yin the comScore data showed that Samsung is still the leading mobile phone maker with 23.5% of the US market which is up some 0.7 points over the quarter before while LG came in with 21.1%, Motorola grabbed 18.4%, RIM snatched 9.3% and Nokia 7.4%.

When it comes to operating systems, RIM still maintains the lead with their BlackBerry OS at 37.3% but dropped 2.8 points from the last 3 months and in second sits IOS with 24.3% and third is Android with 14.9% which is a 6.5% increase.

When it comes to Microsoft their market share fell to 10% which is down 2.8% for the quarter before although their Windows Phone 7 operating system will hit the US as of the 8th of this month.


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  1. "iPhone or BlackBerry?" That has been the question for so long, but the recent Android phones are really starting to stand out and make BlackBerry look to smart phones what the typewriter is to word processing. Step forward BlackBerry Torch, step forward Windows 7 Phones, lets see what you have got, because the question is rapidly becoming "iPhone or Android?"

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