Samsung Galaxy S Kicks iPhone Off Phone Top Slot in Japan

So the Apple iPhone is king is it, well the iPhone just got a sweet little kicking over in Japan from an Android device, namely the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, which kicked the iPhone out of the top selling handset in Japan slot.

According to an article over on Mobile Crunch by Matt Burns and by way of The Chosunilbo, the iconic iPhone isn’t Japan’s favourite selling smartphone, however apparently this is over only one week and well the iPhone 4 32GB has managed to hold onto that top position since it made its debut.

Still it just goes to show it can be done and the Samsung Galaxy S is the Android device that accomplished the deed. Yeah the Galaxy S may have pushed the iPhone 4 over the edge due to it being its debut week in Japan, but it still mean the Android device has accomplished something against the king of smartphones.

Android fans are now free to gloat a little or a lot at this achievement, but get gloating quickly because anything can change over the coming weeks, just be happy that for once the iPhone has been beaten somewhere in the world.


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