Apple iPad and iPhone Griffin Docks Unveiled

If you are an owner of the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad you are obviously going to require a charging dock at some stage, and now a couple of new iPad and iPhone docks have been unveiled by Griffin Technology.

According to an article over on Aving by Jiny Kim, Griffin has now unveiled their nex-gen multi-use docks, the AirCurve Play for the iPhone and the PowerDock Dual for charging both the iPhone and iPad, or iPod.

The director of industrial design for Griffin, George Campbell says, “Simple solutions yield useful results, especially when it comes to supplementing life with a mobile device. Whether you are looking for a portable way to listen to music from your iPhone 4 or an easier charging setup for your iPad and iPhone, AirCurve Play and PowerDock Dual are the docking solutions people are looking for.”

With the Griffin AirCurve Play for the iPhone the iPhone’s speaker is made 10 decibels louder and works without power adaptors, cables or batteries and although the AirCurve Play doesn’t use any power itself it does feature a pass through slot which enables the insertion so the user can charge and sync whilst listening.

The PowerDock Dual can simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPad and isn’t just a charger as it features several pockets for uses as storage of anything such as keys, change and the like which all go into what they call the PowerDock Dual built-in “valet dish.”


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  1. This is a really cool docking station. The design is unlike anything else on the market. leave it to Apple to make sure that they are never outdone. If you're looking at other iPod docks JBL has also released a couple new ipod docks that are worth checking out. While you're at it, take a look at what Bose has put out they are a little pricey but the sound quality is well worth the cost.

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