Apple iPad Quake 3 Arena Gameplay and Installation Videos

For those of you that own an Apple iPad and love to play games we have a video demonstration of Quake 3 Arena for your viewing pleasure, which has been ported to the iPad by Alexander Pick.

The Apple iPad Quake 3 Arena gameplay demo video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at iPhone-developers and lasts just over the five minute mark delivering a cool look at the iPad game.

Apparently the version shown is v0.1 which is iPad Native, is a much nicer version and is running on iOS 4.1 and has on-screen controls, and the guys say the next video will deliver how to download and install Quake 3 Arena to your own iPad.

And after taking a gander at their forums I have found that Quake 3 Arena for iPad download and installation video, so have posted that video as well, so hit those play buttons and enjoy.

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